Civic Engagement

Early in his career, George Hanley learned firsthand how support from friends, family and colleagues can help a person succeed. As his career took off, Hanley increasingly made training, education and resources available to others so more young people would have the chance to fulfill their potential. 

In recent years, Hanley has committed his energy and resources to the George and Amanda Hanley Foundation, which seeks to build a better future by supporting education, empowerment and environmental sustainability on a global scale. 

The foundation continues the mentorship and training commitment Hanley undertook when he founded Hanley Group in the 1980s. Hanley Group created opportunities for young professionals to receive the support and experience that would help them succeed in business. In keeping with this commitment, he created the Hanley Trading Center at his alma mater, the University of Dayton and sponsored a trading lab at the University of Illinois. 

Hanley is also a member of the University of Dayton Board of Trustees, and an active guest lecturer there and at the University of Illinois and New York University.